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Re: warning letter from...

Speaking of Scientology...

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> Subject: Do we face Mount St. Helens twice a day?
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> Date: Wed, 4 Jan 95 12:20:02 EST
> 	Bill Gates, Incorporated announced that the Corporation has
> 	purchased a controlling interest in the Church of Scientology,
> 	effective today. The amount of the transaction was not
> 	disclosed.
> 	A corporate spokesman reading from a prepared text called
> 	"premature" reports that the next version of the company's
> 	mainstay product, referred to as "Windows_2001" in the trade
> 	press, will incorporate an E-meter pop-up box.
> 	The spokesman did vehemently deny that BGI had really intended
> 	to purchase the Roman Catholic Church, but had drafted the
> 	contract with Microsoft Word on a Pentium, thus causing the
> 	error.
> 	"We got what we wanted. We see a great potential in the
> 	Church's auditing techniques, and plan to use them to
> 	investigate methods of producing more uniform structured
> 	thoughts, err, code."
> 	BGI is privately held.
> 	RCC stock closed down 1/8, in light trading.
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