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regards to legal attempt to stifle remailers

After reading the post from teh Scientologists about lockout out groups 
form anon-remailers, I was thining a little bit, note I said a little bit 
this isnt a fully fleshed out idea yet.  I was thinking it may be smart 
for osme of the remailers to lock out the groups, in particular those 
operators who do it forma student acount, or perhaps from their own 
account in teh United states where legal action would be able to reach 
them.  But to get around this, the anon users can use the Finland server, 
or a new and imporoved anon-remailer.  By shopping around for ISPs it is 
possible to find a provider who takes payment thru mail and doesnt 
require positive ID to set up an account.  With this you then either run 
that account as the remailer, a totally anon account not linked to your 
person and thus immune from legal actions(besies having it closed by the 
ISP if they are pressured) or you can run a SLIP connection and runa  
remailer much like Julf's on your own machien thru a dedicated SLIP line. 

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