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Re: Remailer Abuse

   From: [email protected] (Doug Barnes)
   Date: Wed, 4 Jan 1995 22:11:11 -0600 (CST)

   Heh. An anonymous remailer paid for by credit card... there'd
   have to be an additional level of indirection for it to work,
   which would make the methods for tracking those who don't pay
   quite problematic.

Why wouldn't it work?  I plan on doing this, and I'll be selling lots
of things besides a remailer, including lots of email traffic.  So
there won't be any effective way to find out who paid for access to my

Sure, I'll know who used it, but I'm not going to keep that
information.  (Yes, yes, FV says that I have to keep records of who
bought what, but I'll label all my information with a random number,
that simply says that X bought information worth Y, not *what*
information.)  And if you don't trust a remailer operator, then you
won't use it.

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