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We still don't have the mailbox.

Thanks Doc. Wrote Phil Dubois, Zimmy's Lawyer. It's something I'll show you
a copy of when I get back to playing "catch-up".

Love Always,

Carol Anne

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, Thaddeus Ozone wrote:

> Carol, 
> I DL'd the whole thang. If it was world-readable, I've got it locked up on
> my hard drive. I'll have to wait until I can get my hands on some 800k
> disks, it takes up 1776k on my hard drive, but should fit on 2 - 800k's
> once it gets transferred. I took the liberty of taking EVERYTHING that was
> readable, including what was in the main directory. Talk to you over the
> weekend.
>    Your pal,   -doc-
> >I tried again, even from my pages.
> >I do believe it's the local server that's gotta do the job.
> >Anyway, I'm bookmarking all the links.
> >And downloading all the pages.
> >Will go ftp here in a minute.
> >
> >Love Always,
> >
> >Carol Anne
> >more in about an hour.