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Re: All I did was properly crosspost!



[I'm cc:ing this to C. A. Braddock's new address and her ex-sysadmin, in 
addition to the cypherpunks list. --L. Futplex McCarthy]

Carol Anne Braddock writes:
> I first saw the Dubois Letter in alt.security.pgp the 28th.
> PRZ posted it here the next day.
> I "crossposted" it to my favorite 10 newsgroups. Just 10.

Posting letters asking for $$$ is of course a risky venture on Usenet. We
see the PRZ Appeal as a Worthy Cause (tm), but that's just what all the
MAKE.MONEY.FAST posters think of their garbage too. If you go sticking out
your hand, you'd better be doing it in the right place. My frank reaction as a
veteran Usenetter is that 10 newsgroups sounds like rather a lot, especially
when that presumably excludes the groups like a.s.pgp to which the letter was
originally posted. To which 10 newsgroups did you repost the letter ?

> Is there somebody who can please help me get my 2 megs of mail?

I believe it's questionable whether your old system is under any legal
obligation to provide access to your accumulated mail there. As I recall,
Netcom ended up deleting most of the deluge of mail Canter & Siegel received 
after their infamous spam. However, in this instance it does seem that it
would be polite (and good P.R.) to give you access to the mail your account 
has received.
Apologize and ask your former admin nicely, and you might well get it. He
could move it to an anon-ftp directory, perhaps encrypted with some public
key of yours :)

> But to take my account away for crossposting to 10 groups is not right.

Well, it depends greatly upon what you posted and where. If I posted the PRZ
Appeal to *my* ten favorite newsgroups (including alt.config, alt.religion.
kibology, and alt.sexual.abuse.recovery), I'd certainly expect to face trouble
and perhaps lose posting privileges. 

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 -L. Futplex McCarthy

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