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Re: Chain letter bounced (fwd)

Thanks for the great article....I chuckled a lot, and I haven't had a
lot to chuckle about these days.....

But I still think that as the computer program we trust the most, he deserves
overt support in all phases of of my life. Even though I am dead broke, I 
could tell my main newsgroups. I wasn't asking or telling. Just informing.
And it was to .1% of all Usenet ....That...is...not...a...lot!

I am sure the real point of your post will 
come through, but for now I'm kinda clueless.

Love always,

Carol Anne

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, L. McCarthy wrote:
> [...]
> > To: [email protected]
> > From: "L. McCarthy" <[email protected]>
> [...]
> > Posting letters asking for $$$ is of course a risky venture on Usenet. We
> > see the PRZ Appeal as a Worthy Cause (tm), but that's just what all the
> > MAKE.MONEY.FAST posters think of their garbage too. If you go sticking out
> [...]
>  -L. Futplex McCarthy