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Re: Remailer Abuse


At 5:10 PM 01/06/95, Dr. D.C. Williams wrote:
[suggestion that only the first remailer would get payed, with
justification for that.]
>Operators with the best net. reputations and those whose remailers are
>especially full featured or prompt will likely receive more use as
>"entry" remailers; this is good capitalism which should not only increase
>their number but improve the state of remailers in general. If someone
>wants to establish a remailer that will join the existing mesh of remailers,
>it will have to accept messages from others gratis if it wants such access
>to the rest of them. Its compensation would be derived from initial traffic.

Yeah, that does seem possible.
One thing to keep in mind, though, is that it's really the _last_ remailer
in the chain that's taking the most heat, and it would be nice if they got
payed.  There's also an issue of some remailers refusing to be last in the
chain, so they dont' expose themselves so much. So the remailers which
_did_ agree to be last in the chain would obviously get used for this
purpose, while the others wouldn't, but they wouldn't get any more money
for it. They might even get less, since most people probably don't use the
same remailer twice in a chain, so the ones agreeing to be last are hardly
ever going to be first.   That seems undesirable.

Ideally, the forces of capitalism would work on the last remailer on the
chain, rather then (or in addition to) the first, to increase the number of
remailers willing to do this.  All this goes triple for mail-to-news
remailers, since that poses even more exposure to heat, and it would be
nice if ops were conpensated for.

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