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Re: Peter D. Lewis

Peter F Cassidy wrote:
> wired has balls. the economist has to figure out what all this stuff 
> means in the real world. wired just sells ads around the events it 
> covers. lewis is innocent compared to wanton scum like kelly. 

Maybe I'm biased, but I have a lot of respect for Kevin Kelly. I met
him at the first "Artificial Life" conference, at Los Alamos, 1987,
and he drove down here to Santa Cruz to interview me for several hours
for his not-yet-published "Wired." (As it turned out, Steven Levy also
interviewed some of us and Kelly chose to run Levy's article in the #2
isuusue of "Wired," instead of his own, and submitted his own article
to "Whole Earth Review," where it ran in the Summer 1993 issue.

I've found Kelly to be somewhat quiet, and deep, and not all
flamboyant and grubbing after soundbite quotes.

His book "Out of Control," 1994, is the beast summary I've seen of the
swirl of concepts we are generally interested in.

So, what's your problem with Kelly? If it's the profit motive  of
"Wired," we disagree, as I think profits are great. If it's the
ad-laden pages of "Wired," well, that's life in the high-tech age of
cheap color printing, zillions of Macintoshes, and a culture that
loves high-tech glitz.

I think Kelly is a person of high integrity. It's hard to demand much
more than this.

--Tim May

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