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Re: Netcom is not a good example (Was: Re: Files and mail)

Michael Handler <[email protected]> writes:

 > Yeah. They only kill accounts when people criticize
 > NetCruiser. :-P

 > Netcom is hardly an example of a quality service provider.
 > They suffer periodic long term news and email delays; their
 > service personnel are rude, slow, and unprofessional (read:
 > Bruce Woodcock & the above incident);

NetCruiser is a "work in progress" and continues to evolve in the
right direction.  Bruce Sterling Woodcock is history.  On the
rare occasions when I have interacted with [email protected],
their responses have been both helpful and provided in a timely

 > Their security has been compromised countless times

This is Unix.  Not a problem exclusive to Netcom.

 > They are home to some of the most infamous net.kooks and
 > net.cretins (like Tom Servo, currently), ...

I suppose I should be pleased that you have not included me by
name in the list. :)

 > Frankly, I'd rather have a Winternet account than a Netcom
 > account.

Fine with me.  As long as *I* don't have to have a Winternet

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