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Re: Peter D. Lewis


Tim sez:
 > I think Kelly is a person of high integrity. It's hard to demand much
 > more than this.

I simply can't think much of a magazine that has cover stories deriving
entirely from kiddie-kracker squabbles.

Kelly may have plenty of integrity but that's not the word that the
magazine "Wired" usually brings to mind.  It's not the profit motive or
the ads that get me: running a business, I know you can't be picky about
who you take money from. It's the lack of meaningful content that annoys
me.  As with Lewis, frequenly when they're discussing something I know
something about their stories are fraught with inaccuracies and rumours.
My personal favorite is when they list reporters among the "experts" on
their technology-watch light bites.

Their entire approach is to cast 

Like "Seventeen," "Wired" should prepend "don't you wish you were" to
its title.
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