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(fwd) Re: Phil Zimmermann

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Subject: Re: Phil Zimmermann
Date: 6 Jan 1995 05:39:51 GMT
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> We wish to apologize for Carol Anne's actions while with Winternet.
> This account has been deleted for breach of our AUP.
> Questions, comments, problems or general bitching, please reply to this
> message.
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> Mike Horwath    IRC: Drechsau    LIFE: Lover     [email protected]

Looking at the groups that you cross-posted, I sure as heck would like to 
know what she did to get kicked off?;) What the heck do you have to 
apologize for Mike? Unless you might of been involved too?;) I told you
you've been working too hard.
Come on now bud, give us the lowdown!

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so) of my dear friends on the Cypherpunk List 
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