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Re: Latency, bandwidth, and anonymity

Wei Dai wrote:
> Are there any theoritical tools developed especially for this type 
> of analysis?  If so, can anyone provide some references?

No, this is too small a community for such tools to exist
off-the-shelf. Start with the standard mix papers, mentioned here
often. Also, Hal Finney made a first stab at a more careful
calculation of just how well remailer's do their job...this was about
half a year ago, as I recall.

> So, the situation: high-latency, low-bandwidth e-mail remailers
> the goal: low-latency, high-bandwidth interactive A/V type anonymity, but 
> this seems too far away

The goal for whom? I find IRC a waste of time, so "anonymous
audivisual" is not even on my radar screen of things of interest. I
think it's >10 years off.

> Perhaps we can tackle the problems of latency and bandwidth seperately.  
> That is, develop 2 sets of anonymity tools:
> 1. low-latency, low-bandwidth, for use in textual interactions such as MUD 
> and IRC
> 2. high-latency, high-bandwidth, for non-interactive A/V use, perhaps 
> anonymous TV broadcasting

Think market. I don't see anyone paying for this until costs drop

--Tim May

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