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Re: The first reply came 3 days later.

From my present calcuations approximately 14 percent of my mail for the 
last two days has been form Carol Ann, this is not a small feat 
co9nsidering the amount of mailing I usually recieve.
Perhaps if Carol would post a well thoguth out and written article on 
what happened, instead of posting a thousand little "me toos" and "told 
ya so's" and such, this wouldn't be so annoying.  rough estimate of mine 
is that she is repsonsible for 30 some percent of the traffic on 
cypherpunks at this time.

Worse par tis that because i recieve my mail thru a SLIP lin which is 
admittedly slow, I still have to recieve all noise messages thru my SLIP 
link before procmail can trash/delete/redirect them.  SO now taking this 
into consideration, it seems that Carol Ann is responsible for more 
thruput on my SLIP link the myself, since mostly I recive mail thru it.  
It's a close call, me or Carol, that's counting in FTPs and WWW browing.  
I mean maybe I hsould charge her money now 8) 

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