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Re: Too Much!


Paul J. Ste. Marie writes:
> At 01:16 AM 1/7/95 -0500, L. Todd Masco wrote:
> >You might want to try reading it from NNTP, via c2.org or hks.net.  You
> >can then use Kill files.
> At that point, isn't the mailing list simply becoming a newsgroup?  For that 
> matter, is there some reason that escapes me why it ISN'T a newsgroup?  I 
> suppose the proportion of net.kooks is higher in a newsgroup than a mailing 
> list, but arguably we're ALL net.kooks here.

Not really, not until a huge number of hosts carry it as a newsgroup.
As for why cypherpunks isn't a newsgroup... IMO, it would end up carrying
too much traffic and be way too high profile.

As is, the people who really want to find it will and a hordes of riff-raff
(not all, mind you) are less likely to bother with it.

	-- Todd
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