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Re: Vinge's True Email name ?

On Mon, 9 Jan 1995, L. Todd Masco wrote:

> Sigh.  Please don't use this, people.  I'm sure VV has no desire to 
> pay for oodles of mail telling him just how much people like him.  Treat
> it like a home phone number (of course, some people abuse home phone
> numbers of famous folks...).

A general hint for finding authors' e-mail addresses: figure out where 
he/she works from the book jacket, use WHOIS to find their domain name, and 
then finger them or look at their web page to see if they have an e-mail 
directory.  (Now keep this a secret!  I don't want the internet.masses to 
find out my e-mail address when I become rich and famous! :-)

I bet Vinge has written for himself a really intelligent filter like the 
kind he describes in AFUtD.  Of course I wouldn't want to test this.

I guess this is not really related to cypherpunks, except to the general 
philosophy of making tools to protect oneself, instead of relying on the 
good will (and intelligence) of others.

Wei Dai