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Re: Vinge's True Email name ?

L. McCarthy wrote:

> I began composing a reply precisely to this effect, but was stopped by the
> words "They list...". If the address appears in some standard Compu$erve
> email directory, then this was hardly a major transgression.
> Allow me to suggest a compromise. If some enterprising VV fan would volunteer
> to collect fan mail from c'punks, then forward it all, everyone involved
> might be fairly satisfied.

As I described in a post last summer, I was at a party that Vernor was
at, and several of us stayed over until Sunday afternoon (it being
deep in the mountains of Marin and all, a long drive)). Eric Hughes
was there. Anyway, I talked about all this in that post.

Vernor was there until Sunday night, too, when the party hosts drove
him off to SFO (the airport, for the TLA-impaired) and I dropped Eric
off in Berkeley on my way home to Santa Cruz.

The point I'm making? First, Vernor had gotten some Cypherpunks posts
forwarded to him by that time, mostly by Russell Whittaker. He is
well-aware that the Cypherpunks list exists, and one must presume that
if he wanted to be on the list, he could be on it easily. (I doubt his
CompuSlave account is his only one, as he's on the faculty at San
Diego State, and hence has the usual access. I suspect he uses the
CompuServe account for his rec.arts.sf-lovers sort of mail; just a hunch.)

Second, he was aware of--and generally pleased by--the explicit role
"True Names" played in the early motivation for our activities. (As is
well known, the works of Chaum, Vinge, Card, Stephenson, Brunner, and
others played major roles.)

Third, for the curious, he _is_ working on a sequel to "AFUTD."

Contact him if you wish, but bear in mind that the more time he has to
spend reading and answering e-mail, the less work he'll get done on
his SF writing.

(And if he has to spend many hours getting his HyperMIME-JPEG3 SLIP
system running to see "Vernor Rulez!" in 80-point type, he may truly
decide he's been marooned in realtime.)

--Tim May

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