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Re: Data Haven problems

   From: [email protected]

   While programming my data haven code, I am wondering how to guard against
   spamming the data haven parser.

Here's an example of where the mechanism/policy distinction helps a
lot.  Mechanism here is how you store data.  Policy is how you decide
whether to accept a particular request.

The suggestions to date have all suggested particular policies to put
into your code (with the exception of Bill Stewart).  In addition,
almost all of these suggestions have been pay-per-use.  As significant
as policies are, they aren't your most important issue right now.

The single thing you need to get right today is the means of
separating the mechanism from the policy.  Different operators will
have different policies.  If it's difficult to change policies, fewer
services will be offered.

The issue of policy separation is a software architecture one.  I
don't know the structure of your code, but I'd suggest that whatever
it looks like, that you make a (1) clean interface and that you (2)
document it.  If you do these two things, you'll have substantially
achieved separation.

I think you should spend more time worrying about the interface than
about the specific policies.  In order to focus on the policy
interface, I'd suggest an extremely simple policy to work with,
namely, an access list.  Anyone listed can use the server; everyone
else is denied.  That will get you started.

I would distribute your first code with a simple policy such as this.
It will allow prototypes to get worked on.  Since a data haven isn't
of much use without clients for it, a simple policy is adequate for a
first release.