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Re: Anonymous payment scheme

>At 09:45 AM 1/3/95 -0800, Hal wrote:
>> ... As I wrote, banks are
>>required to get SS#'s for depositers right now, and I wouldn't expect
>>that to change any time soon.  If anything, the trend appears to be
>>towards more tightening rather than less.  ...
>Isn't that only a requirement on interst-bearing, or potentially 
>interest-bearing, accounts?  
>    --Paul J. Ste. Marie
>      [email protected], [email protected]
Yes, but  the account form will have a place for it anyway and the account
opening person will demand it.  My experience a few years ago was that
I had to go to an officer and point out that the account was not interest 
bearing and so the SS# was not required in order to get the account
opened without it.