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Re: Stopped at the boarder

On Jul 31, 11:51pm, Dr. Frederick B. Cohen wrote of his experiences at
the Canada-USA border:
>  They looked at every slide, checked out
> the bags themselves for secret compartments, but the one thing they
> didn't do was check the contrnts of my floppy disks.  Istn't technology
> wonderful?

Until a few years ago, carrying software across the border from the states
to Canada, one would only pay duty on the value of the media. Canadian
Customs regulations did not recognise any value in the information
contained on the floppies. I haven't actively exported/imported software
in this manner recently (well, I carried 2.6ui to Mobile and back without
realising it (or, indeed, ever putting it in a drive) and so broke ITAR)
so I'm not sure how things stand currently.

I think they might actually have been convinced of the value of software.
[Department of External Affairs and International Trade has been, as noted
earlier. Danger of software, at least.]

frodo =)

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