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Cypherpunks Santa Cruz (CSC)

About a month ago I sent out a notice suggesting that we in the greater
Santa Cruz area (Monterey, Carmel, Watsonville, Soquel, Boulder Creek, even
parts of Santa Clara Valley, etc.) have a get-together occasionally, as the
Bay Area meetings are quite far away (and possibly getting further away if
they continue meeting in San Francisco).

Response was better than I'd expected, with 17 people sending me notes
asking to be kept informed of the thing.

I just sent out a notice to them, partly to make sure my mail addresses are
accurate and well-formed, and partly to update them on the meeting time
(which will be Saturday, August 26th, the last Saturday of the month, at my
house in Corralitos, CA).

If you got my "CSC MEETING..." message, then you need do nothing further.
If you did not get it, and wish to, send me a message.

If you know of others in the area who may be interested, forward them this

This mailing list is maintained manually, in Eudora Pro, so send me English
messages, or the best approximation of English you can manage.

--Tim May

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