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Re: Attacks on PGP

Timothy C. May writes:
> Things are heating up between Fred Cohen and some of the rest of the list.

Were it not for the fact that others are doing the job better than I,
I'd be compelled to enter into the fray myself...

> I've long appreciated Fred Cohen's work on viruses,

And frankly, I've long been forced to install filtering on virtually
every list "Dr." Cohen shows up on. He rarely has much of value to say
-- he also frequently gets kicked off of mailing lists for being a wee
bit to explicit in the advertising hype for his services he puts up on
virtually every mailing list he enters -- be it firewalls, bugtraq, or

I considered, as I said, entering this fray early. Fortunately, "Dr."
Cohen has managed to demonstrate his capacity to alienate without my
having to warn anyone about it in advance.

This is not to say that I think PGP couldn't use enhances scrutiny, or
that all of "Dr." Cohen's comments are always completely meritless.
However, "Dr." Cohen rarely enhances the conversations he's a part of.


PS I'm sure he has a real PhD. Its just that the other couple dozen
PhDs on this mailing list don't seem to insist on rubbing it in
people's noses constantly -- ditto for all other mailing lists I've
seen him on.