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   8-1-95. W$Japer:

   "Your Home Computer Will Soon Be Your Banker and Broker."

      The first on-line banking transaction will be a historic
      moment not unlike the first automobile sale or the first
      commercial airline flight. It will signal a commercially
      viable use of a new technology that may ultimately
      eliminate what until now we have considered the retail
      aspects of banking, stock brokerage and more. The
      implications are profound.

      The promise is electronic access to all financial
      transactions at substantially lower cost. One's personal
      computer can, in essence, become an in-home bank branch,
      brokerage outlet and financial planner.

      For example, with Intuit's software and with its union
      with American Express, Smith Barney and 17 large banks,
      consumers will be able use one link for the first time
      to access traditional banking, credit- and charge-card
      services, brokerage services, financial planning and

      The effect on the banking and brokerage business and
      their employees is going to be profound. The retail
      sales forces of banks and brokerage houses may shrink
      substantially, as may the ranks of financial planners.
      The number of bank and brokerage buildings may also