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Re: a hole in PGP

Dr. Frederick B. Cohen writes:
> It's probably my fault for not asking them in the way you are used to
> hearing them, or maybe we are all over-sensitive about our work.

Since I've had no involvement in the writing of PGP and RFC 1750, I don't 
think I'm being sensitive about my work :]

> And if enough of those on this list feel that this discussion and my postings
> are too commercial or too abusive to take, I am certain that Brent will send
> you a free copy of his Fred filter.

Nah, we're not into third-party censorship here. As for myself, I intend to
keep reading what you write here. Your manner is not a legitimate reason to 
ignore the value of (some of) your words. 

-Futplex <[email protected]>