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Re: Zimmermann legal fund

At 17:57 7/30/95, Ed Carp [khijol SysAdmin] wrote:
>When I lived in California, I banked at Security Pacific, then changed
>over my account to BofA.  When I left the bay area, I closed my account,
>not knowing that someone had sat on a check for $120 - I thought it was me
>just entering an ATM receipt twice (as I do from time to time).  So,
>someone from a place called ChexSystems sends me a letter, saying "well,
>you had a check go through and the bank paid it, please pay us."  So, I
>send them the $120 or whatever it was.

How old was the check when it was presented (and how long was it from the
check's date until you had closed the account). If the check was stale then
you have a valid gripe about the bank's behavior. I've dealt in situations
where people are collecting checks which are going to be "stale" before
they are submitted for processing yet there is no request to post-date the
check nor setting up of an escrow account to hold/clear the money until it
can be turned over to the correct owner (they collect voting fees for a
convention where the winner gets the money but the holder of the election
is the one who is being sent the check to sit-on [for up to 6 months] until
the winner can be handed the stack of checks - There is a claim that the
holder of the election can not open a segregation/escrow account due to
bank rules or procedures).