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RE:NRC Panel, Law Enforcement questions


Nice questions, John. To bring executive-branch accountability to a level
more closely approaching absolute zero, the FBI might want a FOIA backlog
of +8 years instead of "only" 5, but from what little I know of FOIA; its 
exceptions, combined with a hostile judiciary (led by Justice Scalia) are 
swallowing most of it anyway, as embarrassment _obviously_ hurts vital U.S.
National Security Interests...[Note: IANAL, and I *am* a bit sarcastic!]

I wonder, and perhaps my kind friend Hadmut can help me here, if there is
an English translation of any and all Nazi-era German laws/regs regarding 
cryptography. As I [dimly] recall, Enigma was born as a private enterprise
and the patent was only later taken over by government and classified after
it was offered for sale to businesses (without much luck). These laws, if
they exist, might make for interesting reading in side-by-side comparison 
with either Sen. Grassley's latest proposals, or with anything regarding 
cryptography coming from our paranoid FBI director.

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Regards, Jim Ray

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the will of the people." Jim Ray, Campaign '92
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