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Re: Pat Robertson Fears E-cash?

John Young:
| A Foxhole-atheist swears Pat Robertson said last night that his
| new book warns of a "digital cash society" and massive
| theft by cyber-criminals. Did any believer hear this, or 
| know if this is what he prognosticates for e-cash bedevilment?

----- BEGIN EXCERPT -----
The 700 Club, March 8, 1995, 10:00 -- 11:30 AM

[ ... ]

PAT ROBERTSON: OK. Well, ladies and gentlemen, something a little bit 
more serious. You know, the Bible talks about a day when people won't be 
able to buy or sell except having a mark; a mark of what is called the 
beast. It's one of those things in Relevation that keeps coming up. Well, 
as technology increases, we see a little bit -- a little bit more. Now 
we've got digital cash that may on the way to your wallet, a card you can 
use for any kind of purchase, from health care to road tolls to 
pay-per-view TV. But are there hidden security dangers in this 
computerized wonder card? We've got a special report on this program. You 
don't want to miss it.

[ ... ]

ROBERTSON: Now that man [David Chaum!] is Jewish. I don't know whether 
he's speaking out of Relevations or not, but that is the scenario set 
forth ... in Relevation, that the -- the -- the cards are too -- too 
valuable to be lost, which means that -- that there has to be some other 
identification. And we just were speaking, prior to the program, about 
the possibility of, indeed, a tattoo that would carry -- just tiny little 
dots would carry -- all the information that is needed could be put on 
somebody's hand or wherever. It's -- it's that close, really. ... We've 
got a few years to go, but I -- I -- I -- I'm just -- and -- and the -- 
the -- the justification for all this is, `Well, we can't have people 
dealing drugs.' So let's -- in order to cut the drug dealers, let's take 
away the freedom and privacy of every other human being on the face of 
the earth, and that is a frightening prospect.

[ ... ]

----- END EXCERPT ----

There's more, like an interview with David Chaum and Dave Banisar [EPIC], 
but I've got raw calluses on my hands, so I'm not doing any more typing 
tonight. ;-)

PS to JYA: Communique top secret postal address / telephone facsimile
machine access codes for possible transmittance of relevant sections for
scanning and automatic distribution to the CP list via usual methods? 
Remember to use HyperMIME backchannel DC-net OTP public key MOST SECRET
secret-shared subliminal-signature encoding methods to prevent
intellectual property gestapo from homing in on location of Rebel base,
no? ;-)
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