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   8-02-95. NYPaper:

   "Pattern Emerges In Bomber's Tract: F.B.I. Says Attacker
   Stayed Close to a Few Campuses."

      In what was described as an important advance in the
      hunt for an elusive serial bomber, the Federal Bureau of
      Investigation said yesterday that it had traced a
      years-long pattern of academic involvement that took the
      self-described anarchist from the Chicago area to Salt
      Lake City to Berkeley, Calif. By matching his 17-year
      record of carnage against an analysis of a densely
      argued 35,000-word tract he sent to The New York Times
      in June, Government officials say they have concluded
      that the bomber is a student of the history of science
      who may have taken classes at or hovered around major
      university campuses from the late 1970's to the mid-
      1980's.                                        FCU_stu

   "Excerpts From Manuscript Linked to Suspect in 17-Year
   Series of Bombings."

      Role of Scientists: The system HAS TO force people to
      behave in ways that are increasingly remote from the
      natural pattern of human behavior. For example, the
      system needs scientists, mathematicians and engineers.
      It can't function without them. So heavy pressure is put
      on children to excel in these fields.          FCX_txt

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