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Re: Provably Correct Crypto

Those interested in this discussion of verification of PGP etc. might also
find it worth reading some recent traffic on the firewalls list, regarding
the viability of "trusted systems" and formal evaluation methods. Look for
messages from Marcus Ranum (ex-TIS), Ray Kaplan, and some others in the
past few digests (e.g. #458 and #459, and a few prior ones). You can find them
in ftp://ftp.greatcircle.com/pub/firewalls/digest/ with filenames like
v04.n458.Z, v04.n459.Z, etc. (Only digests through #457 are there now, but I'm
sure the latter ones will appear soon.) Use [email protected] if you
want to subscribe to firewalls or firewalls-digest.

-Futplex <[email protected]>