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Re: anonymity review in law journal

Vladimir Z. Nuri writes:
> Hi everyone, someone tipped me off to a law review article by 
> Anne Branscomb entitled Anonymity, Autonomy, and Accountability: 
> Challenges to the First Amendment in Cyberspaces  104 Yale L F 1639.

I expect this is the Anne Wells Branscomb who reviewed the Rimm job for
the Georgetown Law Journal. According to
http://catalog.com/columbia/homepage/ftr/995.html, she `called the study's
methodology "academically rigorous."' She is a professor at the GWU law 
school. Alas, neither the GWU law school nor the Yale law school seems to
have any measurable presence on the WWW. A Lycos search turned up a footnote
pointing to an article she wrote for Scientific American:

Branscomb, A. W.: Common law for the electronic frontier.
   In Scientific American, September 1991, pp. 154-158. 

A paper by Norderhaug and Oberding on "Designing a Web of Intellectual
Property" at http://www.ifi.uio.no/~terjen/pub/webip/950220.html that
cites the SciAm piece mentions that:

	Branscomb [bra91] reminds us that the rigors of the market
	economy are such that it is not a viable economic policy to give
	away the results of intellectual labor without a fair and equitable

Thus I would be rather surprised if the anonymity/autonomy/accountability
paper turned out to be notably sympathetic to anonymity. That would make it
all the more interesting to see....

-Futplex <[email protected]>