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"The Net"

I saw "The Net" yesterday and was moderately entertained. Lots of leaps of
logic, especially the notion that one can be "vanished" by having computer
records changed--I can believe that such changes would screw things up, but
surely even the character played by Sandra Bullock (nicely) would have
human friends and associates to vouch for her.

The portrayal of her job as a "beta tester," with a couple of Mac screens
running and lots of MacTCP connections, was well done. In fact, maybe the
most interesting look at computer screens I've seen. (But maybe I'm

The cheesy climax, involving a computer virus, was especially egregious.
But tension has to be gotten somehow, I suppose, and most moviegoers will
not be terribly excited by the "real stuff." All in all, some good tension.

If this was the film I advised a woman screenwriter/researcher about (the
"vanishing" part she was asking me for tips on, 18 months ago), I sure
couldn't seen any influence of my ideas, or those of Cypherpunks. (I have
her name written down somewhere, but the two official screenwriters were
both male...still, I have a hunch she was doing background research for

Ironically, I saw a second movie the same day..."Under Siege II." It had a
lot of crypto, as well. Things like "Going secure" on cellphone
conversations with the Arabs purchasing the terrorist actions.

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