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Re: Sat phone permit "wire"taps


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> >The most current information on the Rosenbergs, gotten from decrypted Soviet
> >communications and declassified US and ex-Soviet files, indicates that Ethel
> >Rosenberg
> >was probably innocent of spying, and Julius was spying but didn't give away
> >any useful atomic secrets, and that the FBI probably knew at the time they
> >had Ethel killed that she was innocent.  
> WOW!  Had them killed?  They WERE tried and convicted, you know.  Are you 
> claiming evidence was manufactured?  I head David Khan on CSPAN say that 
> at least one message mentions Ethel Rosenberg.  If memory serves, he said 
> something like "without going in to whether evidence was sufficient to 
> convict, and without going in to whether they should have been executed, 
> these transcripts show that they were spying for the Soviets"  
> (I'm not sure that's accurate enough for quotation marks, but that's the 
> basics of what he said.  I have it on VCR.
> Do you have additional information?  I'll agree the FBI hasn't always behaved 
> honorably, and maybe they aren't entitled to the benefit of the doubt here.

This is old news.  Julius spied, but didn't provide any useful
information. The FBI framed Ethel to try to get Julius to cop a plea
("Sing, or we fry her!")  Julius stuck to his principles, and both Ethel
and Julius were convicted in a rigged trial with a trained seal of J.
Edgar Hoover's as judge.

The Soviets had quality knowledge about the atomic bomb well before
Julius Rosenberg was in a position to pass any information along.  Klaus
Fuchs, the German refugee scientist who was a self-acknowledged
Communist from day one, was in on the most important atomic secret, that
a U235 bomb was practical, from the earliest days of the MAUD Committee,
the wartime British group of physicists that performed the first
calculations and that was the seed of talent around which the Americans'
Manhattan Project coalesced.

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