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Re: LD was Re: [NOISE] was Re: a hole in PGP

On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, Nathan Zook wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, Kragen J Sittler wrote:
> > doesn't recognize me, as his last (previous) words to me were 'just shut 
> > up, you writhing tentacle'.  Perhaps he's not so upset about things 
> > anymore; I don't know.
> Kragen!  I haven't heard much from you since someone thought Kragen <-> 
> Kracken ==> monster ---> tentacle!  (And you were being pretty rational 
> at the time--for this list.)
> Doing well, I hope.

*laugh* yes, relatively.  Moved to another state and started working at 
an underclass job.

And I'm trying frantically to unsubscribe; I no longer have big quotas 
and procmail.  My mail is going to cybele.unm.edu, which has since been 
renamed; also, I lost my account there.

You were the Christian fundamentalist, right?


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