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Re: NYET--attempted formal specs (again)

At 11:41 PM 8/2/95, Nathan Zook wrote:

...lots of other threads elided...

>Unquestionably, it is not possible to block this hole entirely.  However,
>that does not mean that this proposal is not still superior, at least on
>two points.
>First, by moving the monitoring software to the ISP, the instalation &
>configuration becomes much easier and more secure for the parent.  The
>monitoring software itself becomes at least as difficult to hack as the
>rest of unix, and the "Hot Babes Watch" hacks at least are prevented.

Knowing that Nathan is a member of the Religious Right (tm ), I think
enlisting their support for receiver-level filtering is a GOOD IDEA.

I happen to be a Nonbeliever--Allah forfend!--but I have no problems with
their beliefs.

In fact, most religious groups are distrustful of "The Gubment" deciding
what's reasonable and what's not.

The thing to do is to get the Mormons, the Baptists, the Muslims, the
Rosicrucians, the Davidians (those who survived the BATF action), and the
Breatharians, etc., to all agree that they need to "screen the evil out" on
_their_ side, not to get "The Gubment" to do it for them.

Orrin Hatch, a Mormon, has said that he grew up in Pennsylvania, and he
chafed under having to say the school prayers of the Dominant Religious
Paradigm. He has said that this makes him skeptical and critical of any
efforts to institute religion in classrooms.

I don't see any religion in America as being sufficiently dominant that it
thinks it can get its particular agenda accepted as the Dominant Religious
Paradigm. That is, they all seem suspicious of government involvement.

All to the good.

Thus, while not a Christian or even any kind of theist, I find much, much
less to fear from religious groups in the U.S. than I do from various
non-religious groups.

(Of course, if the Third Episcopal Transcendentalists succeed in taking
power, and begin "purifications" through crucifiction of non-Episcopals, I
may modify my charitable opinions...)

--Tim May

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