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Re: Did Clinton Authorize Electronic Warfare Against Davidians? (fwd)

On Thu, 3 Aug 1995, Perry E. Metzger wrote:

> The Gate writes:
> > Does this belong?
> > 
> >                      AGAINST THE BRANCH DAVIDIANS?
> No, it doesn't belong, and deliberately being a jerk by posting the
> whole thing with a "does this belong at the beginning" isn't a way to
> win friends and influence people.
> I'm beginning to wonder if the conspiracy idiots on this list are here
> from the NSA to keep any real work getting done. Are there any
> cypherpunks left here, or is it all just cryptogroupies?
> Some of us want to see cryptography deployed, not conspiracy theories
> about Waco, Vincent Foster, or your mother.

Who told you about my mother ??

It is all lies ... my mother has never been to Waco
and I'm sure the NSA is involved in a misinformation campaign
and cover-up 8-)

.sig withheld to stump the aoler's.