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Re: "The Net"

In message <[email protected]>, Dr. Dimitri Vulis writes:
>The notion is very realistic (but the flashy displays in the movie were not).
>At the recent PC Expo at the Javitz Center in NYC, there were tens of PCs
>running various Web browsers to try out. No one was watching over most of them
>I entered the URL telnet://uunet.uu.net:119, and sure enough, got connected.
>It accepted 'IHAVE', but I was too lazy to type in an entire Usenet article.
>I (and the heroine) could have telnetted to someone's port 25 just as easily.

That's odd.  "uunet.uu.net" has had no A records for over a year.
Perhapse you mean "news.uu.net"?

At a recent the-net-is-hot-and-we-want-in show I appear to have
torqued off some sales drones 'cause I managed to get their Kosak-mode
web browser to give me a telnet.

They had left a "search the net" link on their pages (pointing to
Lycos or Info Seek - I don't remember which), and I used it to
locate one of my pages which has a "type the URL" field (it issues
a redirrect).

I guess they didn't realise that if they give you a "global" search
box you can get anywhere as long as you remember enough of the text
on the page...