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Re: SSLeay - Whats the story...

On Thu, 3 Aug 1995, Jason Weisberger wrote:

> Maybe I miss it, but when did this arrive?  Is anyone testing it?

You may take a look at http://www.psy.uq.oz.au/~ftp/Crypto/

My initial enthusiasm has somewhat vanished when I've realized that a 
free SSL implementation doesn't automatically allow to build a 
Netsite-compatible server: without a certificate issued by Verisign on 
behalf of Netscape Communications, Netscape Navigator won't talk to it.
As SSL has some intrinsic points of weakness, I don't see the point
of sticking to it to secure the TCP layer.
For details, see also http://petrified.cic.net/~altitude/ssl/ssl.saga.html

On the other hand, the CryptoTCP approach (see the file ctcp.0.9.tar.gz
at ftp://utopia.hacktic.nl/pub/crypto) looks promising. Is anybody 
working on it? I'm interested in exchanging ideas, as I'm thinking
of adding CryptoTCP client capabilities to a SOCKS 4.2 daemon. 
I see three major areas for improvement:

1. A better PRNG for the session key
2. Authentication of the D-H key exchange with digital signatures, a` la 
3. Less "hard-wired" structure: at present, for example, the module size 
for D-H calculations is fixed at 1024 bits.

1. and 2. are relatively easy, but 3. would require a lot of work.

Also, being able to negotiate different encryption algorithm in addition 
to triple-DES wouldn't be bad.