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"The Net"

TC> logic, especially the notion that one can be "vanished" by having computer
TC> records changed--I can believe that such changes would screw things up, but
TC> surely even the character played by Sandra Bullock (nicely) would have
TC> human friends and associates to vouch for her.

  I would have thought so, too. But recently, my boss's sister-in-law
tried to get a Kansas drivers' license. She had allowed her Missouri
license to lapse before she moved, and some glitch in the MO computer
left her as a non-person. Now, in order to get the new license, she will
need a photo ID (and her expired "foreign" license doesn't cut it,
althought if it were a KS license, it would.)

  The burrocraps at the DMV won't accept any "vouching" whatsoever.

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