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(Fwd) Re: Law enforcement and PGP ban in Australia (fwd)

Followup on the Ozzies banning PGP:
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Date:          Mon, 07 Aug 1995 16:44:12 +1000
From:          "Danny Smith, AUSCERT" <[email protected]>
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Subject:       Re: Law enforcement and PGP ban in Australia
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Paul (et al),

> I'm curious about what people have heard about this?
> I'm trying to find out more from this end....doesn't look good...

Surprised you didn't come to us first.  :-)

> Subject: Australia next to ban PGP

I believe you can treat this as net.rumour.  I have the paper now, and will
read it tonight.  I will also talk to the author whom I am led to believe
is rather annoyed at the misrepresentation of the content of his paper.

More information later this week.

Danny Smith.

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