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Re: ACLU Opposes Exon-Like Speech Crimes in Managers Amend. to House Telco Bill

On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, Carl Ellison wrote:

> Anecdote:
> 	I was in Cambridge MA this past weekend visiting old friends, some
> at church.  I sat across from one such at lunch -- a young guy up from
> Texas going on about how good it is that people are fighting cyberporn.
> 	I brought up parental control in attempted rebuttal and he switched
> immediately to the idea that `parents usually *are* the child abusers and
> we need to protect children from them -- not give parents control over what
> gets communicated electronically'.
> 	I was surprised at the speed with which he switched to that line of
> thought.  It's clear that this chess game opening has been played by or
> around him before.

I suppose it was pointless to point out (in this case, not in general 
public debate) that parents who are child abusers have no need to use the 
Internet to acquire victims?  Two totally, completely, absolutely 
different questions.

Or am I missing something?
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