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Re: MS Money password problem

On Sun, 6 Aug 1995, Matt Miszewski wrote:

> We recently lost (ok fired) our office manager, but not before she put 
> nifty passwords on all the MS Money data we had and now she has, of 
> course, gone on a three week vacation.  I have all the relevant WP 
> password retrieving mechanisms but not one for MS Money.
> Anyone with pointers or programs, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Welp, good luck to you.  Of course, this should be a great huge reminder 
of why BACKUPS are important.  If you have a backup of the data >BEFORE< 
she locked it, you only lost anything entered from between the date of 
the backup and "today."

Tim of course has a point.  Strong crypto isn't breakable.  Don't know 
what MS Money uses... :-(

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