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Re: www remailer interface

It has been stated, 

:I'm a bit uncomfortable about the hardwiring of a particular remailer into
:the chain, according to the Web page
:	"Select your remailers [...] Your mail will be automatically sent
:	 to the remailer [email protected] and at least one other
:	 remailer that you choose."
:(Nothing personal, Hal :)
:Why was this done ?

The code was written to be used with a local remailer that
then sends it along the others that the sender chooses. I
modified it so that I don't need to establish my own remailer
by sending it to [email protected]

I think this might provide better security for the sender due
to the fact that you are forced to chain your letter thus
providing more security.  The argument can be made that if the
initial hardwired remailer is compromised that this removes 
all security.  I chose hfinney because 

1. the turnaround time is good.  I wanted the first to be fast
because it is basically 'insurance' for the sender.

2. it was a remailer that I am familiar with and has been around
(in remailer server time) awhile.

3. it was the one that I personally felt most comfortable with
using as the hardwired mailer.

Granted these might not be the best reasons, but this is the
kind of response I was looking for.  I can solve the problem
by either

1. removing the hardwired

2. removing the hardwired and forcing you to chain

3. keep the hardwired in and use some 'established' remailer or
one the group can come to a consensus on.

Responses appreciated.  I will gladly distibute the code if
desired.  Like the page states, it was originally written
by Nate Sammons, but I can change it as needed.

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