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*hot* Foster news

various "conspiracy theories" have been circulating connecting
Foster to the NSA, although there doesn't seem to be any 
substantial, verifiable connections-- UNTIL NOW. below
the amazing british reporter Evans-Pritchard, who has 
broken much of the Foster information, states that 
Deborah Gorham, Foster's executive assistant, gave 
testimony that  he was handling NSA documents near
the time of death!!! (Evans-Pritchard was quoted a few
weeks ago of being "skeptical" of the more extreme
Foster-NSA theories, although he has pointed out the
many inconsistencies associated with the Foster

this Foster thing continues to gain steam.. apparently
Newt Gingrich has hired an independent investigator...

frankly, I think we are seeing the beginning of the
end of the Clinton administration... or perhaps even
the Presidency as we know it...

BTW, a hot Foster URL with all the extreme theories/releases


the most amazing stuff on this page claims some publishers
were attempted to be *bribed* in not releasing Foster info/stories..

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Secret service link in death of Clinton aide

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Washington

VINCE Foster was handling top-secret intelligence files at the White 
House before his violent death
in July 1993, according to sworn testimony given to the Senate Banking 

Deborah Gorham, Foster's executive assistant, gave a dramatic new twist 
to the widening
Whitewater investigation into the financial affairs of Hillary and Bill 
Clinton. Gorham told Senate
lawyers that Foster, Deputy White House Counsel and an intimate friend 
of the Clintons, stored
documents from the National Security Agency in a safe next door in the 
office of his boss. 

The Telegraph has obtained a full copy of Gorham's deposition, which was 
taken behind closed
doors on June 26 and never been released to the press.

She testified that Foster handed her the files for safe storage in March 
or April of 1993. Asked
what the documents looked like, she replied: "There were two one-inch 
ring binders that were from
the National Security Agency."

She referred to the NSA files with precision three times in her 
testimony. The Senate investigators,
however, did not seem interested in this surprising disclosure and moved 
on quickly to other
matters. When Gorham appeared as a witness in televised hearings last 
Tuesday, the subject never
came up.

The National Security Agency is a legendary arm of US intelligence. It 
is controlled by the Defence
Department and has a far larger budget than the CIA. Its chief function 
is to collect intelligence
from satellites and by eavesdropping on telephones and computer traffic 
all over the world.

Foster's job as Deputy White House Counsel was to handle legal matters 
concerning the institution
of the presidency. While his office might handle classified documents 
from the FBI or other law
enforcement agencies from time to time, it would be highly unusual for 
him to get mixed up in the
foreign espionage activities of the ultra-secret NSA.

Gorman said that these two files were the only ones Foster ever handed 
to her for storage in the
safe. She also testified, however, that Foster kept a file on the Waco 
disaster locked in a cabinet in
his office, which may belie White House claims that Foster never played 
a significant role in the
storming of the Branch Davidian stronghold by the FBI.

There is no proof that Foster ever had any dealings with the NSA

There is no proof that Foster ever had any dealings with the NSA, or any 
other branch of US
intelligence. But allegations have been flying on the Internet computer 
superhighway and in
political newsletters on both the Left and the Right over the past few 
weeks claiming that he was an
NSA operative during the 1980s. It is alleged that he took care of legal 
matters for a computer
company in Arkansas that installed "bugged" software on behalf of US 
intelligence in commercial
and central banks all over the world.

At the time, Foster was head of litigation at the Rose Law Firm in 
Little Rock, Arkansas. It has
never been established that he did, in fact, do work for this computer 
company. But his partner,
Hillary Rodham Clinton, was the attorney of record on two known 
occasions, once in 1978 and
then again in April 1986 (during the term of Bill Clinton's 
Governorship) when a federal court
clerk inadvertently revealed her role in a case by releasing details of 
a sealed law suit.

The staff of the Independent Counsel investigating Whitewater has been 
asking some questions
about this subterranean software nexus after receiving a letter from 
Elliot Richardson, the former
US Attorney-General. Richardson, who has followed the affair closely, 
has suggested that it might
be linked in some way to the death of Foster. Jim Leach, the Chairman of 
the House Banking
Committee, has also been looking into the computer mysteries in 
preparation for his own
congressional hearings into Whitewater, this week.

In a parallel development, The Telegraph has learned that the House 
Judiciary Committee is
beginning to prepare for possible hearings into gun-running and 
drug-smuggling in Arkansas.
Terry Reed, a former Air Force intelligence operative, has been asked if 
he is willing to testify
about his experiences in a covert operation based at the Mena airport in 
the mid-1980s.

I want to know whether they're for real this time, or whether it's just 
another of
their political pillow fights"

After watching the charade of Republican hearings into Waco and 
Whitewater over the past three
weeks, Reed has mixed feelings about this prospect. "I want to know 
whether they're for real this
time, or whether it's just another of their political pillow fights," he 

He is the plaintiff in a civil-rights suit that is cracking open the 
great Arkansas scandal quite
effectively through the power of legal "discovery". Last month, he took 
sworn testimony from a
secretary at the Criminal Intelligence Division of the Arkansas State 
Police who said that she helped
shred sensitive documents revealing the involvement of Bill Clinton's 
Arkansas in the Contra
support operation run by Lt Col Oliver North.

In another deposition, L. D. Brown, the Arkansas State Trooper, has now 
repeated under oath the
allegations published in the August edition of the American Spectator 
magazine. He said he was
recruited by the CIA in 1984 - with the encouragement of Governor 
Clinton - and flew on two
missions to Central America to deliver M-16 rifles to the Nicaraguan 

On one of the return trips, he discovered the aircraft was carrying 
cocaine into Arkansas. He
confronted Clinton, but was told not to worry. "That's Lasater's deal," 
said the Governor,
referring to Dan Lasater, a business tycoon and political supporter who 
was later convicted on
federal cocaine charges.

Over dinner at the Cosmos Club in Washington last week, Trooper Brown 
said that his old friend
Bill Clinton was complicit in a major drug-smuggling operation. That, he 
said, is something that
cannot be forgiven.