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RE: alt.politics.org.cia

In message Tue, 8 Aug 95 14:25:20 EDT, Carl Ellison <[email protected]>  writes:
> project for finding unmarked spook buildings in your neighborhood and
> gathering a database (on the web?) of such.
> It's not a CP topic, but it's related and folks might want to check out
> that newsgroup.  (Thanks to r$ for the inspiration.)

It is definitly a stretch. But a web listing is probably the right idea.
I've already got some public spook information on my subpages, I think
I'll start collecting locations. I'll let someone else do the CGI map.

Nearly everyone knows that CIA has major offices in Roslyn VA. And
most are clued in to the Georgetown (a section of Washington DC)
"garbage garage" that was a CIA front (now it is a tony mall). There are
also CIA offices in Vienna VA, altho I have to admit I don't know exactly
where.  To find CIA offices, all you have to do is follow the blue busses.

DIA is marked, about a mile from the Pentagon.

But this raises a question (please, not to start a f-war)
as to what is a "spook"?  For example, the Secret Service has an unmarked
facility on 22 or 23rd street in NW Washington. They keep the Pres' limo,
etc there. Clearly from a standpoint of their clumsey raids (Pentagon City
2600, etc.) they classify as spooks.

Are contractors such as Mitre, E-Systems, and TRW, who do mega-dollars
of work each year considered spooks? I think some are, as they are
effectively out-sourced civil servants.

I guess I could simply walk into the Soviet Embassy and ask them
where the US spooks are. It isn't a secret from anyone but uninformed

There is at least one Federal Building in each state, holding VA,
Dept of Ag, etc. Nearly all have FBI and other LEA offices.

Is there an ethical question buried here? Making it easy for another nut to
kill mere working stiffs by posting the locations?

Disclaimer:  I'm kinda split on this, I've been on this list a long time,
but my dad, wife, and brother work or worked in town for the government.
I hope that Tim's revolution is quite and peaceful.


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