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Re: Dir.Byway Virus (NewsClip)

>    Subject: Dir.Byway Virus (NewsClip)
>    From: [email protected] (unknown)
>    To: [email protected]
         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You misspelled [email protected]
>    Burlington, Mass. Aug. 7 -- A new, hazardous computer virus is

A news story, with all *that* entails.

>    virus, dubbed "Dir.Byway," is described as a super-fast,
>    polymorphic infector affecting desktops, notebooks, and even 
>    computer networks.

So it's a polymorphic fast infector that attacks EXE and COM files.
So what's new?  File infectors are never as successful as boot sector
infectors, anyhow.

>    Dir.Byway triggers if the current DOS date is set to the year
>    1996 or above, and the day of the month is equal to the
>    month's number multiplied by two and two is added, like in
>    01-14-96 or 12-26-96.

The first date should obviously be 01-04-96, based on the description
given.  Do you trust someone who can't multiply and add to correctly
report on something technical, like computer viruses?

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