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Re: Dir.Byway Virus (NewsClip)

Seems like a good-press piece for a small anti-viral software
company.  Just one small pick to nit:

[email protected] said:
> Bitton said the company's "Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit" will 
> remove the virus from infected computers. New versions of the Toolkit 
> for DOS, Windows, OS/2, and NetWare are slated to ship in late 
> summer. S&S also plans Fall 1995 introductions of Toolkits for 
> Macintosh, SCO Unix, Windows 95, and Windows NT server and 
> workstations.

What?  Toolkit?  A virus toolkit?

Windows NT has an abstracted and object oriented design.  User mode
programs no longer have access to the hardware (ie., you no longer
have access to the boot sector, and cannot hook an interrupt).  In
short, viruses are much less likely to function under NT, yet these
blood-sucking people can't wait to introduce software for it...