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Re: How To Spot a Spook page

> As a start on a Web page, here are some things I thought of. What else? What
> are the initials of some of the world's intelligence groups (CIA, NSA, KGB,
> DGI, MI5(?), ???)
> 1> Antennas - more than TV/Ham/CB/Satellite (or 'unusually' shaped antennas).

Well, no, but I do have access to a lot of computer equipment(*) and some 
'unusual' connectivity software floating around.

* - The 'good' powered stuff isn't here; just this thing that runs like a
486/10 on valium.

> 2> No, or *very* few, visitors (esp. kids)

I seldom have any visitors to speak of here.

> 3> Visitors are seldom the same, or almost always the same.

That describes me perfectly.

> 4> Doesn't talk about job/company.

I don't.

> 5> Activity at 'unusual' times.

The times for much of my activity could be described as quite unusual.

> 6> Not very 'sociable' (keep to themselves).

That's definately me. Ask anyone who knows me.

> Or, tell me to forget it, it doesn't belong here.... :-/
> Dave

I guess this proves I'm a spook. My friends probably suspected as much... :-)

You know, now that I think about it, I probably *am* quite "mysterious" 
to the great majority of people who know of me personally (off-net), for a 
variety of reasons.

PGP public key available via finger.	      
GCS/M/S d>++ s: a--- C++++ UL++++ P+ L++++ E- W+(++) N+++ 
K+++ w--- O- M-- V-- PS+++ PE+ Y++ PGP++(+++) t 5+++ X+ 
R+++ tv+ b+ DI(+) D G+++ e>+++++ h+ r y?