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Re: IPSEC goes to RFC

Adam Shostack writes:
> | IPSEC is now a Proposed Standard.
> | Again, *we need your help*. Cypherpunks write code. Help us make the
> | internet safe for personal privacy by contributing to this effort.
> 	How about posting a list of 'things that need doing?'  I
> assume one is floating around, possibly even with time estimates?

The IETF was challenged by Steve Crocker to be ready for use of IPSEC
for the Dallas meeting in December so that no IETFer who wanted to
communicate securely with his home site need be insecure.

To accomplish that, we need to produce versions of the security stack
for many architectures. Right now, we have AIX and 4.4BSD fairly
solidly covered. Less well covered is HPUX. People familiar with code
like the Trumpet Winsock stack, Linux, or who have access to the
innards of SunOS, Solaris, Windows 95, Mac stacks, and others, and can
legitimately release implementations for those platforms, are probably
needed. We need serious commitments from people but of course everyone
is trying to help everyone else along.

Basically, if you know how to hack kernels and networking code and you
have a platform you can work on, we need you.

We also lack work on the key management end of things -- people who
can start playing around with implementing Photuris, even on a "toy"
basis, would probably be of help.