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Re: "S1" encryption system

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Bill Sommerfeld wrote:
> It looks very much like the sort of typo you would get from a
> mistranslation from assembly language if the target architecture had a
> *4-bit* processor. (This is also consistant with the "<<4"'s which
> show up in several places in the code).

I'll back up the disassembly theory.  I've done it myself once when I 
lost some of my own source code from years previous and had to get out 
the dissassembler.  Very painful work which resulted in a first set of 
source much like the "S1" sample posted here.  Only difference was that I 
went back over the "first draft" after verifying it and cleaned it up 

The poster either does not know 'C' or thinks that a cleanup will reveal 
his/her style.

- Andy

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