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Andy Brown writes:
> I suppose this is really addressed at Perry:
> Why was (single) DES chosen as the algorithm for the ESP part of IPSEC? 

It wasn't. Well, it wasn't *really*.

IPSEC is a framework into which you drop any algorithm you like --
IDEA, 3DES, Skipjack (:-), or anything else. We picked a baseline
algorithm to assure interoperability, but it is not our expectation
that people would want to use DES in practice. Picking DES was largely
a political, not a technical decision. RFCs describing 3DES and SHA
modes are in the pipeline right now -- they are going before the IESG
"real soon now".

> I know other algorithms can optionally be used, but surely it would
> have been better to have a second, stronger algorithm specified
> mandatory as well.

Well, lets remember this: algorithms go sour with time, like dairy
products. People are going to have to get used to regularly switching
them very soon anyway. Think of this as just a way to get people in
the habit of building their implementations modularly from the start.

My recommendation is that all implementations include 3DES in their
initial algorithm set. I'm going to do it with mine.