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Re: IPSEC goes to RFC

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

> > Adam Shostack writes:
> > > | IPSEC is now a Proposed Standard.
> > > 
> > > | Again, *we need your help*. Cypherpunks write code. Help us make the
> > > | internet safe for personal privacy by contributing to this effort.
> > > 
> > > 	How about posting a list of 'things that need doing?'  I
> > > assume one is floating around, possibly even with time estimates?
> > 
> Could we please share snapshots of any code that exists?  Even if it's
> for a totally different OS, it's still extremely helpful if we're short
> on time.
> > like the Trumpet Winsock stack, Linux, or who have access to the
> I'm interested in doing/helping with Linux.  I also have access to
> an SGI Indy (less well ready to develop though) and HPUX.

I'd like to also volunteer to do the linux port, whether it be
coordination patches, hacking code, finding people, whatever.

Also, if other cypherpunk subscribers feel that this topic
is inappropriate for the list (not likely) or that it would
generate too much traffic for the list (?) I can create a new
majordomo list dedicated to the effort in 10 minutes.

The aforementioned 'To Do List' could be the signup message
you get when joining the list.

Just a suggestion,

David Neal <[email protected]> - GNU Planet Aerospace 1-800-PLN-8-GNU
Unix, Sybase and Networking consultant. "...you have a personal responsibility 
to be pro-active in the defense of your own civil liberties." - S. McCandlish